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About us

Welcome to fyrespices


We are Benny and Dennis, and we are Fyrespices!
We make exceptional blends for all your cooking purposes, seasoning
for every season, packed in an extraordinary design, handmade in the Netherlands.

We are passionate about good food, and spices play a central role here. Herbs and spices allow for endless variety and creativity, and when mixed together just right, they can remind you of a trip, a place, or special moment, turning an ordinary meal into a real taste experience.


A fresh perspective


It is a fact that freshly ground spices taste best, which is why we grind all our products ourselves from whole dried herbs and spices. In this manner, we can guarantee that there are no unwanted additives in our products, that they are fresher, and taste better. In addition, we roast a variety of spices before they are ground, this activates specific aromas and results in a deeper and more complex flavor profile. 


Let's introduce ourselves


My name is Dennis, the scientist of Fyrespices. The science behind nutrition is what fascinates me, that's why I spent many years conducting medical research and obtained a PhD in nutrition and energy metabolism. I use my scientific skills to compose new spice blends, and study exotic herbs and spices, and all their unique properties, both in terms of taste and health.


Hi I'm Benny, the creative brain at Fyrespices. My background lies in the creative industry, where I work on visual elements during major events. I also have a love for graphic design, photography and videography. 

Cooking and good food have always played an important role in my family, and they still do. Over the years I have developed my own style and I prefer to cook over open fire. The flavours of different herbs, wood types, smoke, and the regulation of temperature are what fascinate me, and allow me to prepare unique and tasty dishes over and over again. 


Science and creativity


In 2018, Dennis came to live next door to Benny, and that's how we became neighbors and friends. We love cooking and eating together, from this Fyrespices originated in 2020. 


During the development of our spice blends you mainly see Dennis working with scales and endless files with data, while Benny takes care of the creative aspects. Our different backgrounds make a great combination and compliment each other. Together we create exceptional freshly ground spice mixtures, and cook, grill and experiment like crazy. All this, to continue to expand our product range, so that we can offer you spice mixtures for every occasion. 


Herbs and spices play an important role in providing a true taste experience, and therefore deserve a prominent position in the kitchen. That is why, in addition to the taste, a unique design that looks great in your kitchen is also of great importance. This results in a quality product that is fantastic inside and out.


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